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PVC lightsabers page 1

      PVC sabers are much cheaper than their metal counterparts, but just as functional. Those that are battle-ready look just as good on camera as the metal ones. However, up close they don't look as good, and since they are much cheaper to make, they cost less.
      Now you can request gold PVC sabers! Just mention in your order the color of saber you would like. Also, if you wish to combine color schemes, any of the pieces except for the foam grips can be painted black, silver or gold. Just let us know, there's no extra cost for personalization!
     Site update: Sabers with blades are now being offered! Sabers of all colors are available, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
     The blades are made of 3/4 inch PVC, which is strong durable plastic(the same material as the sabers in this section). It is much lighter than wood, and give a much better illusion of a weightless blade. Most sabers with blades are between 3 1/2 to 4 feet long.

Here you see the model 1 PVC lightsaber. It comes with a simple belt clip, a curved piece of black PVC that can easily go in a belt loop, and the saber will clip into place on it. It has six foam grips running up and down the middle, and an activator button at the top of one of the grips. The base and the grips are black, and the main tube of the saber is metallic.
Click here to see how it looks while on the belt clip: the clip can't be seen while the saber is on the belt. Click below to order for $15. Email me at to specify red, blue, purple or clear buttons, and the blade color if you order a saber with a blade.
Add a saber hilt to the cart for 15 dollars
Add a saber with a blade to the cart for 25 dollars

Here you see the model 2 double-sided pvc saber. It is detachable, and can be used either as two seperate sabers, or as one individual saber. Near the emitter on both ends is a single bronze activator knob.
Click here to see it disattached, or click below to order for $20.00.
Add a saber hilt to the cart for 20 dollars
Add a saber with blades to the cart for 35 dollars
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