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Cheapsabers is closed! For now ignore any sales pitches on the page, it's just a library of sabers I've made. I may bring it back eventually, but for now I have neither the time or money to put into sabermaking. Which kind of sucks, I like making things. :)
However, I do have a couple of old sabers up on eBay right now, check out the link here if you want to see what I'm selling. If I get enough people interested, maybe I'll try to make a few more and sell them too. :) I'm actually thinking about just making custom sabers and selling them on eBay, and only keeping this site open as a gallery of pics.

      Welcome to cheapsabers! This site is for those who are tired of playing with plastic toys, or those who are tired of finding beautiful replica sabers that are either far too expensive, or simply not very functional. Here you can find either cheap saber hilts to wear to the next geek function, sci-fi convention, or movie premiere, or functional sabers you can use to dual without fear of breaking an expensive replica.
      So come in, look around, see what we have. For those who prize functionality above beauty, the PVC sabers are probably up your alley. Cheap, but they look just as good from a distance. If you know you'll be showing your saber off in person, you might want to spend more on a metal saber. Who knows? Come in and see what you like.
      Also at cheapsabers we plan to sell other prop and costume items. Right now we only have a few non-saber items, like chainmail armor and decorations, and our newest item for sci-fi or horror movies, or for a personal prop to keep on your bookshelf, the baby-monster-preserved-in-a-specimin-jar, located on the Other props page. Coming soon: Blaster replicas! Right now Cheapsabers is experimenting with resin-casting, a technique used to duplicate models, and hopefully we will have at least two blaster models on the site sometime soon.

      The shopping cart system on this site uses PayPal, if you have any questions, or if you are not able to get a PayPal account, simply email me, or mail me an order form and I will get back to you as soon as possible with the price and methods of payment. All prices on this site include shipping costs in the US. For shipping anywhere else, email me and I will let you know how much it will cost.
      Just as a note: our sabers do not have any electronics inside, but since they are hollow, blades and electronics can be installed. Sabers with PVC blades are now for sale on Cheapsabers! For now, colors they come in are red, blue and green.
      Cheapsabers welcomes custom orders. If you want to combine the grip of one saber and the body of another, or create a whole new saber, just email me at The sabers on the website are fun to make, but it's also fun to do new designs every now and then.

Click here to see my ebay auctions, to try and get one of my sabers or chainmail items for less than you would on my website, or to get one of my higher quality custom sabers!

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