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Cheapsabers chainmail page

      Here at cheapsabers we also sell chainmail armor. From little bracelets and decorative handflowers to chainmail vests. Enjoy!

This is a simple chainmail bracelet, simple in design. It uses a european 4-in-1 weave, and it ties together with a leather string.
Click here to buy it now for 8 dollars!

This is a chainmail arm bracer. It covers most of the forearm. It is laced up the bottom with leather strings. If you wish to have no leather, simply email me and let me know, and I will replace it with a shoelace or something animal-friendly. If you have a particularly long or wide forearm, email me and give me measurements so that I can make one that will properly fit you.
Buy 1 bracer for 40 dollars
Buy a pair for 70 dollars

These are all the items we have in stock for now, hopefully vests and handflowers will come soon.
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