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About this Site

      This site was created by Hugh Sullivan. The reason for creating this site was a simple realization: there are a lot of Star Wars and other sci-fi fans out there who would love to have their own sabers, but not all of them want one straight from the movies. Most either don't have the money, or would prefer one that is original in design. There are others out there who sell better sabers, but they cost much more. This site sells cheap PVC sabers for mostly fan film use, as they look just as good on camera as the metal ones, or metal ones for personal use, but at a higher price.
      Also at cheapsabers we sell other sci-fi/fantasy props and costume parts, like chainmail armor.
      For any suggestions, ideas, or even special requests, email me at
      Coming soon: Blaster replicas! Artisan Charles Fernandez II and site creator Hugh Sullivan have been experimenting with resin-casting and model making for the new section of the site. Soon to come models range from pistol to rifle sized.

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