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Cheapsabers mass order information page

      For orders of 10 or more, there is a seperate price sheet, due to money saved by shipping them all together, and the time saved by making them all in a group, instead of one by one.
      The prices are as follows:

Metal sabers -
Type 1, 2 and 5 - 30 dollars each
Type 3 and 4 - 25 dollars each
Type 6 child sized - 15 dollars each
PVC single sided sabers - 10 dollars each
PVC double sided sabers - 15 dollars each

Just email us at and tell us what sabers you want, and what your method of payment will be. We will also be willing to customize sabers in large orders, to make sure that the sabers don't look like the others of the same model.

Adding blades -
You can add blades to any of the saber in the order, 5 dollars for each blade. Remember, the type 1 metal saber is not battle-ready, and although a blade could be put in, I would not recommend it.

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