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Metal lightsabers page 3

      Metal lightsabers are more expensive to make than PVC, but they look much better, and cost more. For those who have to show off a good-looking saber, but aren't willing to spend too much to get one, these are for you.
      Now you can request gold PVC parts on your saber! Just mention in your order the color scheme you would like. Any of the pieces except for the foam grips and the metal itself can be painted black, silver or gold. Just let us know, there's no extra cost for personalization!
     Site update: Sabers with blades are now being offered! Sabers of all colors are available, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
     The blades are made of 3/4 inch PVC, which is strong durable plastic. It is much lighter than wood, and give a much better illusion of a weightless blade. Most sabers with blades are between 3 1/2 to 4 feet long, the child sized Model 6 metal lightsaber is much shorter than that, about 2 1/2 feet long.
     Also, as an added incentive to buy the metal sabers, Cheapsabers will also throw in a free belt loop or hook on any metal sabers for free. (Except the type 1 or 2, a belt loop will work on them, but not a belt hook.) Pictures of the belt loop and hook can be seen here. The loop is a silver colored D-ring attached to a metal plate, and the hook is the gold colored hook that can be screwed into the bottom of the saber.

Here you see the model 5 chrome lightsaber. It comes with a leather grip, with a color choice of black, brown or tan, and black, brown or tan leather wrapping around that. It comes with a single bronze or silver colored knob. This model uses the same body as the type 3 metal saber, but with leather grip and a different button configuration.
Click below to add to shopping cart for 37 dollars. Make sure to email me at to specify bronze or silver knob.
Add saber hilt to the cart for 37 dollars
Add saber with a blade to the cart for 45 dollars

Here you see the model 6 chrome lightsaber. It is small, as to be used one-handed, or by a child. It comes with a blade shroud and a base that can come in black, gold or silver. Perfect gift for the young jedi-in-training. The saber in the picture is shown with a bronze knob and a clear button on the grip, but any combination of buttons and knobs can be added. With a blade it comes only to about 2 and a half feet long
Click below to add to shopping cart for 25 dollars. Make sure to email me at to specify bronze or silver knobs, or blue, purple, clear or red buttons.
Add a saber hilt to the cart for 25 dollars
Add a saber with a blade to the cart for 30 dollars
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